How Cloud Hosting Works?

Our Cloud Hosting is based on clustered cloud computing which enables us to provide the fastest most reliable web hosting on the planet!

cloud hosting

Increased Stability & Reliability!
In the event that a server fails within our cloud, our load balancers will automatically detect the failure and send traffic to the fastest available server. This means even when a web server is down, your site will continue to load.

Websites load faster!
It's common to see server loads in a single-server environment affect every customer due to a few users -- whether this is legitimate traffic such as being listed on Digg or malicious. With our clustered cloud technology, we're able to distribute traffic to several dozen servers to handle the traffic versus just a single-server. When we feel that our cloud needs more power, we simply add another server on-the-fly.

Cloud Hosting simply put is faster, more secure and extremely reliable versus standard shared hosting. Our goal is to ensure your websites load fast and stay fast. Using only the latest hardware and technology allows us to take a step ahead of the competition and provide afforable hosting at the same time.


What Our Customers Say...

'Don't hesitate to use HostHero. Their quick setup and free domain are awesome. Their support was the main reason I switched from my old host. HostHero has a live chat feature which was very handy when I needed to speak with someone. I believe my site has finally found a good home!'