How To Change Name Servers at

Once you have registered a domain name at you will need to enter/change the Name Server
Addresses for your new Hosting account.

It's easily done:

- Log into your NameCheap account and you will be taken to your Home Page

- Click "View" on the line "Number of domains in your account"

- Click on the domain name you wish to assign the server names to

- On the left-hand menu, the second item will be similar to this:
"TRANSFER DNS TO WEBHOST" - click on that

- On the next page you will see boxes named - 1, 2, 3 etc to enter the information

Enter the name servers we sent you when you signed up.  It is isn the email New Account Information.  Here is an example:

Enter - -
Enter - -
(You do not need to enter the iP addresses, the above name servers are just an example, use the name servers we sent you)

- Click "Save Changes" and your new domain name will resolve to your new hosting account as soon as it is approved.

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