HostHero Premium Website Backup Service

What is our Premium Backup Service?

At HostHero we are continuously looking for ways to improve our hosting services and our new Premium Backup Service is a one-of-a-kind Website Backup Service for your website files, databases and emails. Literally every component of your cloud hosting account is backed up in detail for up to 5 days, so you can go back a few hours or a few days if needed.

How does it work?

Our backup system is literally revolutionary as the system backs up your entire website/databases/emails continuously. We have spent over a year perfecting the backup system to ensure it is reliable, efficient and secure.

Once you have purchased our Premium Backup Service your entire hosting account will be backed up in a remote data center. This ensures your data is in a safe location and not hosted in the same location as your website. There is absolutely nothing you need to do! Once you signup, we start backing up your account and within minutes your backups are completed. Then at any point you can contact us and ask for a restore of a specific file, database or even restore your entire account to a specific day.

Do I Really Need This Added Service?

It is ALWAYS important to have a reliable backup of your website. With this service your website will be backed up entirely without you having to do any work. In the event you need a restore we can do it within minutes! No hassels and knowing your website is backed up securely is priceless!

How Much Does This Service Cost?

Our Premium Backup Service is $49.95 for one year, $79.95 if you choose to pay for 2 years and $99.95 for 3 years. There are no additional fees at all!

How Do I Request A Restore?

Simply submit a support ticket and tell us which files/folders/database to restore or confirm if you want your entire account restored.

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Premium Website Backup Service:
Daily Backups
Website Files Are Backed Up
Databases Are Backed Up
Instant Restore Of Files/Folders
Unlimited File/Folder/Database Restores
5 Day Account Snapshots
Restore one file, multiple files or the entire account
Data Is Backed Up On A Remote Server
Setup Fee
1 Year Price:
Sale! $49.95
Backup service

2 Year Price:
Sale! $79.95
Backup service

3 Year Price:
Sale! $99.95
Backup service
What Our Customers Say...

'Don't hesitate to use HostHero. Their quick setup and free domain are awesome. Their support was the main reason I switched from my old host. HostHero has a live chat feature which was very handy when I needed to speak with someone. I believe my site has finally found a good home!'