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RV Site Builder allows you to construct a website without buying any software. With very little or no programming experience, you can finally setup a fully functional website. The only software you will need is your web browser such as FireFox, Internet  Explorer, Safari and Opera.

Here is a general overview of how you can construct a web site using RV Site Builder. In your cPanel, there is an input box called "Find." Type in "rv" and the RV Builder Icon will show or you can scroll down to Software / Services section and click on the RVSiteBuilder icon.

After clicking on the icon, RV Site Builder will launch. It will take a brief moment to load if this is your first time. You will arrive to a page that has button that says STEP1 to STEP7. From here, RV Site Builder will instruct you through a linear process of creating a website. Click on "Click HERE to Start."

STEP1 : Create New Web Site

Just enter in your details. Also, there are various check boxes if you would like to turn off some options such as "No Company Name," "No Slogan," or "No Logo."

STEP2 : Select Template Style.

In this section, you can choose from the 40+ templates that are available to you. For hardcore do-it-yourselfers, two options are there for you: "Create DIY Template" or "Export and Import."

STEP3 : Select Your Web Site Style.

After picking a template, you can modify your website such choosing colors and layout changes. There are also advanced options available.

STEP4 : Page Structure.

In this section, you can choose which pages will populate your website such as "About Us," "Portfolio," or "Contact Us."

STEP5 : Site Content.

This section gives you the ability to add content to the pages you have elected.

STEP6 : Extra - Custom Web Page Title.

You can set your Web Page Title that appears in your web browser, add page effects and a page name in the web address (ex: Also, you can set meta tags that will help your web pages get indexed by a search engine.

STEP7 : Publish Your Web Site.

Finally, you can set the address to which your website will be at. After you have decided, press Publish.

For more details on using RV Site Builder, go to:

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