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Service Status: This allows you to monitor the status of services, including http, mail, ftp. Please contact us if you have any concerns - the status indicator has been known to give false readings.

Server Information: An advanced display feature of the Server Status.

List Accounts: This feature lists all of your domains, the usernames and disk space used by each account.

Create a New Account: This feature allows you to add new hosting accounts in real-time.

Modify an Account: This feature allows you to modify any account.

View Bandwidth Usage: This feature allows you to check how much bandwidth (data transfer) your client has currently used.

Limit Bandwidth Usage: This feature allows you to limit any account's data transfer.

Suspend or Unsuspend an Account: This will (un) suspend the users account, for example for non-payment or if you want to troubleshoot the account for high loads etc. This function does not delete any data or damage the account in any way, it simply blocks all access to the account.

List Suspended Accounts: This will list all your suspended accounts.

Quota Modification: This feature allows you to control the disk space allocation for any account.

Password Modification: Change a user's main account password. Be aware this will affect their FTP and email logins also.

Park or Point a Domain: Park or point any domain on top of another, already hosted domain.

Add/Edit/Delete a DNS Zone: Some advanced features require access to your or you client's domain(s) DNS Zones. Please do not use this feature, unless you are familiar with its operation.

Install FrontPage Web Extensions: This will install the FrontPage Web Server extensions on an account, so your client can use various additional features of Microsoft FronPage.

Uninstall FrontPage Web Extensions: This will un-install the FrontPage Web Server extensions.

Install FrontPage Mail Extensions: This will install the mail extensions for FrontPage.

Generate an SSL Certifcate and Signing Request: Please contact Support if you wish to install an SSL certificate.

Install an SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain: Again, please contact Support.

Please note: The above features may change or be removed over time.

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